Custom Start Date for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Ever wanted to sell a subscription but also wanted to book it for a later start? Now you can!

Choose a start date or allow your customers to choose their own with the Custom Start Date for WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

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More flexibility to setup the start of your subscription

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Set up a fixed start date

Set up on or multiple specific dates to start the subscription So you can start getting the first payment in advance but start the subscription when you want to.

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Setup a fixed delay period

Do you need some more preparation time before starting the subscription? Set up a delay in days, weeks or months between the first payment and the start of the subscription.

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Let your customer choose a specific date to start

Do you want to let your customer choose the exact day they want to start the subscription? You can do that with this plugin. So your customers can book their spot but start it only when they need it.

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Automatic date update & cut-off period

All the dates in the past are automatically deleted so your customer can only choose dates in teh future. Futhermoreif you need a buffer period before the start of teh subscription, you can set up a cut-off period in days, weeks or months. Only the dates after this buffer time will appear to your customers.

What happens when you delay the start date of your subscription?

  • Step 1
    Set-up the start dates

    Set up your start dates in the future. You either fixe the date or let your customer choose their stat date among a range of dates set up by you. When Your customer buy your product you secure the first payment (for the first period) immediately to book their spot, even if the subcription doesn’t start.

  • Step 2
    The subscription start

    Once bought the subscription will be seen as "Scheduled". Your customer won't have access to the service during this period. On the start date, the subscription will automatically be activated and your customer will start enjoying the benefits of their subscription

  • Step 3
    The renewal

    The renewal date will be calculated from the start date of the subscription, not the payment date. The second payment will be taken after a full billing period from the start date chosen. All the next payment dates will be setup from this selected start date as a normal subscription.

Who needs a custom start feature?

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Magazines & subscription boxes

Maybe they already have this month box, or they want to start it in a couple of months. Let your customer pick when they start receiving your product.

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Schools & learning centers

Let your student and customers subscribe to your terms and courses all year long but align the tuitions payments when the term start.

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Offer the subscription as a gift

Make it extra easy for pople to offer your product or service as a gift with a delayed start date. So It can be purchase din advance but start after the gift is offered.

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Seasonal services & products

If you have a service or product that you only offer during a certain period of the year? But you want to be able to market it all year long and get customers securing their subscription in advance? This plugin is made for you!


Custom Start Date for WooCommerce Subscriptions
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  • WooCommerce Subscriptions (simple & variable subscription products)


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