Here at Launch & Sell we want to show you how easy it is to have a stunning website for your business, without any coding knowledge.

We’ve started a new feature called The Badass Business Showcase where we celebrate the gorgeous websites of businesses who have built their site using our themes. If you’re dreaming about what a new website could do for your business, take a look at how these sensational girl bosses are rocking their biz online.

Say hello to Corrie

Corrie is the the sole-entrepreneur of a health and wellness business called Radical Health. She helps others to reach their true health potential and spark their innate healing power, so that they feel awesome without resorting to pharmaceuticals.

Corrie says her main focus is on restoring gut health through balancing the microbiome. She explains that, since all disease begins there, it is essential to work on the gut to fix any other health issues.

Like many of us, Corrie states her biggest motivation to becoming her own boss is the freedom it provide in terms of managing her time. We couldn’t empathise more about the importance of finding the happy and fulfilling balance between work and family life.

We asked Corrie if she could spare a few minutes to tell us a little about her experience of using a theme from Launch & Sell. Here’s what she had to say:

Launch & Sell WordPress theme

Theme used: Lighten
See it in action over at:

L&S: How has having your new website helped your business?

CR: The Elementor plugin allows me to easily create blogs so I can share content with my audience. Building an audience is essential for marketing future programs (which is in the works).

L&S: How much knowledge would you say you had in web design?

CR: Some basic experience with Wordpress, but crafting this website has greatly increased my knowledge. The theme was easy to navigate and the templates made things much easier.

L&S: How easy was it to set up your website exactly the way you wanted it?

CR: My website looks better than I imagined it would. I was able to customize the colours and layout quite easily.

L&S: Why did you choose your Launch & Sell theme? What features have you found most valuable?

CR: The theme is feminine, clean, and easy for people to navigate. Once I got into it, I found it very easy to build my pages. I like that the email sign-up is always front and centre.

Dreaming big

Corrie’s website is freshly launched and she is looking forward to the opportunities ahead. She told us that now she has her site up and running she plans to create online programmes to help people restore their gut health. These courses will include informative emails, videos and much more to provide value to her audience.

The Lighten theme easily enables video integration and highly shareable content with all the social media share buttons to hand. The theme is lead captured optimised and super simple to run with tools such as Mailchimp to enable you to share your work with subscribers.

Entrepreneurial inspiration

We love following the journeys of all our favourite fempreneurs online and nothing makes us prouder when we see our themes out there being put to hard work.

We know that the entrepreneurial journey can be a tough one, which is why we wanted to ask Corrie what her parting piece of guidance would be for aspiring girl bosses.

Here’s what she had to share:

L&S: If there’s one piece of advice you could give to those looking to start their own business, what would it be?

CR: Just do it. Just get it out there even if it is a few web pages at first. The sooner you get content out there, the sooner you can start building an audience.

We couldn’t agree more, Corrie!

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See more from Corrie by checking out her gorgeous site at Radical Health, or drop in and say hello in the Radical Health Facebook group or on @radical_health on Instagram.