Here at Launch & Sell we want to show you how easy it is to have a stunning website for your business, without any coding knowledge.

We’ve started a new feature called The Badass Business Showcase where we celebrate the gorgeous websites of businesses who have built their site using our themes. If you’re dreaming about what a new website could do for your business, take a look at how these sensational girl bosses are rocking their biz online.

Say hello to Pamela

Pamela is the founder of the website The site is predominantly a blog where Pamela writes about personal development and the relationship between mind and life in her native language of Portuguese. She says her purpose is to help people think better of themselves to be able to live the life they want. By writing and sharing in a lighthearted way, Pamela’s audience can gain an understanding of how the mind works and its ability to control them even when they are not aware of it.

Pamela goes one step further by listening to her client’s problems and helps them directly through coaching procedures.

Pamela’s motivation to become an entrepreneur was because she recognised how she and those around her were inadvertently blocking themselves from success. She used her experience of self-doubt to identify a problem that she was determined to fix. She told Launch & Sell that, “I think our life can be much easier if we know how the mind works, how can we relax and use it in a proper way.”

Overcoming mindset blocks has been a powerful driving force behind her success and motivates her to continue to help others. “When I help someone it gives me that extra motivation to keep going,” explained Pamela. She loves to help her clients raise “awareness that [the quality of] their life depends on their thoughts. When you are aware of something then you can change it.”

We asked Pamela if she could spare a few minutes to tell us a little about her experience of using a theme from Launch & Sell. Here’s what she had to say:

Building a business with Launch & Sell

Theme used: Hearten
See it in action over at:

L&S: How has having your new website helped your business?

PR: My website is everything: it’s like my presentation card and it helps me to present myself and my services to people in an easy and beautiful way. It has brought me contacts, friends, new clients and relations with other bloggers and it has been a very enriching experience having it.

L&S: How much knowledge would you say you had in web design?

PR: I would say zero in web design but I do love graphic design.

L&S: How easy was it to set up your website exactly the way you wanted it with our theme?

PR: Honestly I had help because I am a newbie with wordpress and it was the first time I was installing a theme so I didn’t want to screw up. But once I have the demo installed it was very easy for me alone to design it the way I wanted.

L&S: Why did you choose our theme? What features have you found most valuable?

I just loved the design! Simple, clean and beautiful. And I absolutely appreciate all the features included like the pop-ups, the landing pages, the beautiful opt-ins, testimonials etc. I am not using the pop-ups yet, but I know that if I want them it’s very easy to put them there. The same thing if I want to create more landing pages.

Taking her biz to the next level

Pamela explained that her biggest challenge to date was putting herself out there “because I am an introvert and I was a little bit afraid of judgment.” By choosing to let go of her fear and set up her blog, she realised she had nothing to lose and everything to gain. “Now I believe what is really important is only what I think about myself. […] As I keep going I am removing the doubts and fears from my mind and replacing them with motivation, purpose and enthusiasm. Changing the focus helps me to overcome the challenges naturally.”

Since launching her website, Pamela has been able to help more people by reaching a wider audience. People in her circle of family and friends have reacted to her blog posts positively and come to her seeking more advice and guidance. Using the blog as a platform to showcase her skills and experience has also helped people with similar mindset blockages who she has helped via her coaching packages.

Entrepreneurial inspiration

We love following the journeys of all our favourite fempreneurs online and nothing makes us prouder when we see our themes out there being put to hard work.

We know that the entrepreneurial journey can be a tough one, which is why we wanted to ask Pamela what her parting piece of guidance would be for aspiring girl bosses.

Here’s what she had to share:

L&S: If there’s one piece of advice you could give to those looking to start their own business, what would it be?

The same advice I gave myself: life is too short to not follow your dreams. Years from now you will regret never starting, so go for it!! But yes, move forwards intelligently, control the risk and start simply.

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