Today’s customer expects a business to be highly accessible and easily recognisable online. If you don’t have at least one or two active social media accounts you take the risk of not being taken seriously.

After all, which business doesn’t have a Facebook page?

If your social media game is strong then you will create loyalty with your audience and establish your overall brand as trustworthy. Essentially, being active on social media makes your brand appear far more human and likeable. And nothing sells more than showing a personal face: people buy from people.

If played right, social media leverages a huge sway over consumer spending habits. Put it this way, can anyone say they’ve never been influenced by a brand’s activity on their social media accounts and haven’t been prompted to visit their site or make a purchase in store?

Seamlessly Integrate Social Media into Your Website

Your website needs to be ready to take advantage of social media so your hard work not only drives traffic towards your website, but also converts visitors into consumers.

Here are my top three tips to make sure your website is optimised to work with all the popular social media platforms:

1. Grow your following

The first thing is to make sure that your social media accounts are accessible from your website. Make it easy for your visitors to keep in touch and follow you in a click.

I advise you to put social media buttons in either: your header, your navigation or/and in your footer.

You don’t want to drive your customers away from your website, but you want them to be able to find your social media accounts and stay in touch if they are not buying straight away.

Be sure to include all your social media profile links on your About Us/Me page. Allow users that are interested in finding out more about your brand to find your accounts easily.

SEO is something that often gets forgotten in conversations about the benefits of social media. Many search engines, such as Google, consider a company’s social media presence as a factor in determining where the business will rank on a search results page. You want to be able to show growth in real followers and in social media sharing among those followers.

2. Incorporate Social Feeds into your content

So, you’re working hard on your social media presence and you’ve got active, engaging content on your accounts. Why not use this to trigger more sales on your website?

Live feeds are a great way of really taking advantage of having an active social media presence. Be proud of your engaged following; highlight your social media successes on your website and increase your credibility with it.

There are few free plugins that will easily allow you to embed your social media feeds straight onto your website. These get updated dynamically with your latest posts, so it literally requires zero effort on your part to keep the content updated – awesome!

3. Make Your Content Viral

Allowing users to easily share your products with their audience, friends or followers is vital to a successful social media strategy and is a great free way of promoting your products and services.

Creating viral content is a sure-fire way to increase not only your social following, but also visits to your website and your sales.

Ever seen a funny video and followed the link to the website at the end to find out more? This is exactly how viral sites generate new clients and customers, and it’s super easy to generate traffic off the back of viral content.

You’ve got to remember to make your content super easy for users to share by incorporating share buttons on all your content. Make it easy for your customers to share the link to your product or service on their Twitter or Facebook pages with just a simple click.

I always build social media sharing buttons directly in my themes, but if it’s not originally coded in your theme, don’t panic. They are a lot of great plugins out there that will allow to add these button on each post.

Here is my list of best free plugins for social shares:

Your choice will depend on the look and functionality you want, so play around until you find the one you love.

Let’s Talk Pinterest

Pinterest is the word on everyone’s lips right now for traffic generation.

Enable your visitors to pin your images to their Pinterest boards to generate more traffic to your site. These pins will include a link back to your site to capture the attention of people scrolling through Pinterest.

Pinterest works well for products too as often the site will pick up your prices and display them dynamically to attract more customers.

Make it super simple for your audience to pin by adding a Pinterest ‘pin it button’. There is a great free plugin that allows you to optimise your images for Pinterest called Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post. This plugin provides the ability to pin your blog posts, pages and images into your Pinterest account boards.

Simply install, activate the plugin and start pinning!

The Bottom Line For Your Business

Social media is a great marketing weapon that allows you to generate both traffic and conversions.

Customers sharing your product or services on their Facebook or Twitter accounts can be more powerful and lucrative for your brand than placing ads. As I mentioned before, having a solid, active presence on social creates more trust in your brand than any genius copy on your website.

All of this is possible if you link your social media accounts to your website.

The three tips I’ve shared above might be free and easy to set up, but they can be a huge game changer in terms of taking advantage of the exposure and trust factor you can get from your social media accounts.

What steps are you going to take today to integrate your social media into your website? Let me know what your action plan is! I’d love to hear how I can help you!


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